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Silence practice

Silence practice: About Me

Silence practice: Forest Bath & Yoga

An inner journey to slow down, recharge and reconnect

  • Are you in a rush? Do you feel stressed, are you busy or have a full mind?

  • Are you overstimulated, overwhelmed with information and can no longer listen to your inner voice? 

  • Are you longing for rest, silence and you would like to pay attention to what really matters to you?

  • Or you want to have some quality time for yourself without any obligations and experience a connection on a deeper level?

We invite you to an inner journey to slow down, recharge and reconnect: a silent Forest Bathing walk followed by followed by practicing Hatha Yoga: the Earth Salutation, relaxation and chanting. First as we connect to nature and our body, we let our overactive mind calm down and clean our senses. Then we withdraw the attention from our senses and give space to our inner process. A nice journey from a full mind to a mindful state.

Date: 11 March (Monday) 13.15-17.15

Location: Centrum Zintre & Arboretum in Wageningen

Your investment: 44 euro

The workshop is given by Katalin Petz Holistic Coach and Nature-based Coach and Móni Pénzes-Ambrus Alternative Movement & Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher.

What is forest bath?

Forest bathing or ‘Shinrin-Yoku’ in Japanese, is a relaxing and healing mindful walk in the forest. Using your senses you make contact with the energy, rythm and silence of the nature. Slowing down and being present are important elements. You connect with your breath, body and the nature around you. Forest bathing has a direct positive effect on your health. It reduces stress, strengthens the immune system and balances mind, body and soul.

What is Earth Salutation?

In the different body positions, we mainly focus on the areas of the pelvis. In addition to helping to raise awareness and unblock blockages, it improves digestion and massages the pelvic organs. During the sequence of movements, the flow of energy is liberating, so tired energies are replaced. Continuously connected with breathing and lingering in one body position, we can deepen its effects with several breaths. Its regular practice brings stability, calmness and balance.

Practical information

  • Suitable clothing: during forest bathing we sit still for while, so take the weather into account (cold, rain) and bring comfortable clothes for yoga.

  • Yoga mat: bring your own yoga mat (in case you do not have one or can't borrow one, let us know).

  • Tea, healthy bites, cushion, blanket are provided.

  • Detailed program:

    • Gathering and starting at Zintre at 13.15

    • Opening circle

    • Forest bathing

    • Healthy bites & tea

    • Yoga & relaxation

    • Closing circle & sharing

    • Finishing at 17.15

If you have any questions please contact me. Participation and cancellation according to the terms of coniditions.

Silence practice: About Me
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Silence practice: About

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Silence practice: About Me
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